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Single-phase transformer and three-phase transformer


Single-phase transformer and three-phase transformer

Industry news
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2018/01/31 11:07
Generally single-phase power, but also more than single-phase three-phase transformer
And other related equipment, general industrial three-phase power, such as a factory, so the use of three-phase transformers is relatively extensive. For some families, to purchase related equipment, you need to configure three-phase electricity, customer solicitation, is there a single-phase transformer to convert three-phase transformers?
The customer asked, is the three-phase voltage and three-phase transformer used? This is not a waste but not a three-phase transformer and a three-phase voltage regulator as a stable effect, but the three-phase transformer's AC voltage, current and impedance devices, when A universal alternating current in the primary coil and the core (or core) communicates in the flux to produce a voltage secondary coil (or current).
Single-phase transformers are a form of single-phase transformer and single-phase power supply that complements only the current three-phase power supply system. Due to its own limitations, it can be used only in certain specific areas. The three-phase AC voltage in the transformer is used to change the size of the electrical equipment. According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, the voltage level of the alternating AC voltage becomes another level to meet different needs.