Production capacity

Production capacity

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  1. Production line

  The company has established 8 production lines, intelligent manufacturing digital workshop control system, CNC cutting production line, corrugated forming production line, box body welding fully enclosed production line, electrostatic spraying production line, silicon steel sheet CNC cutting line, assembly line, electromagnetic wire extrusion molding production line, etc. At present, there are more than 300 sets of various advanced production and testing equipment, which meet the conditions for large-scale production.

  2, production capacity

  After the lean production and operation management improvement of the British Renoir Management Consulting Company and the Hong Kong Crosby Management Consulting Company, coupled with the application of intelligent manufacturing integration technology, the company's transformer annual production capacity reached 25-30 million kVA, 2.0MW There are 400 sets of engine room covers, and it has the ability of installation, debugging, operation and maintenance of electric power engineering.

  3. New product development and profitability

  The newly developed product 2.0MW nacelle cover, the newly developed product high-overload transformer and cold-resistant transformer, applied for 7 patents, including 2 invention patents, and has good market competitiveness. Among them, the high-overload transformer achieved an output value of 8 million yuan in 2016. After reaching large-scale production in 2017, it will reach an annual production scale of 5 million kVA (6000 units), with an output value of approximately 70 million to 120 million yuan.

  4. The company's industry position, products, technology, market share and other advantages

  The company's sales network covers the whole country, such as the State Grid, Rural Power Grid, the five major power generation groups, Three Gorges New Energy Group, local hydropower, etc., and some are exported to Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America. The company's leading products: wind power step-up transformers (ZGS11 series, YBF series) and transformers for wind power generation, accounting for 7% of the total market share, the three provinces of Northeast China accounted for 50%, and Jilin Province accounted for 80%.

  5. In 2016, with the correct guidance of the company’s leaders and the strong support and cooperation of colleagues in related departments, all employees successfully completed this year’s production tasks with their diligence and wisdom, and achieved industrial output value of 197 million yuan and sales revenue throughout the year. 153 million yuan, an increase of 20 million yuan over last year; total profit was 1.114 million yuan, and taxes paid were 6.416 million yuan. While ensuring market demand, we continued to broaden our working ideas and achieved success in production, management, and spiritual civilization. A gratifying result.

  In 2017, our company has achieved a goal of 300 million yuan, a total profit of 33 million yuan, and a tax of 15 million yuan. We will continue to work hard and make continuous progress to achieve the goal and take a solid step for the company's listing.


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