Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy

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Transformation of concept and implementation of transformative management

With speedy development of Baicheng Dianli Town Lai Transformer Co., Ltd., the company comes to realize that if the company will not engage in overall reform of management, it will not satisfy the demands of continuously speedy development. It invites Renoir Company Management Consultancy Company from UK and Hong Kong Philip Crosby Management and Consultancy Company to conduct overall and systematic analysis on the company so as to dig out management issues accumulated over years, help the company establish a modernized precise management system, refer to transformation of concept and implementation of transformative management to establish the company’s groundwork for precise management, construct an information-based system of fine management and new informationized precise management system so as to continue to maintain the company’s outstanding traits, improve the company’s insufficiencies and help the company attain overall and valid improvement in production management, equipment management, procurement management, quality management, human resource management, corporate cultural management and 5S on-spot management.


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