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  The construction of the company’s corporate culture is in harmony with the strategic goals and strategic development direction. The core values ​​can unify the behavioral norms of employees, make the company harmonious and win-win, achieve people-oriented, and can lead the entire company to work together around strategic goals and medium- and long-term strategic planning. Realize the company's vision.

  Mr. Wang, the chief helm of Chenglai Electric, pays attention to the construction of corporate culture, and personally designed and created a garden-style factory and a modern office environment. After more than 40 years of development experience, the corporate culture has gradually precipitated, enriched and developed. Connotation and maturity. The company's core values ​​of "being good, creating a good atmosphere" are recognized by the majority of employees, carrying the mission of "providing excellent equipment for the electric power industry and creating balanced value for stakeholders" and the vision of "becoming a first-class electric equipment Suppliers, build a well-known brand", the company has formed a good atmosphere where everyone is good, united and cooperates, and takes innovation, development and creation as their own responsibility.

  Upward toward goodness means to be a human being, doing things, and doing business, pursuing true, sincere, perfection, and strict self-requirements with higher standards. Keep in mind that "responsibility is in the body, grateful to the heart, honesty and quality"; take responsibility as the foundation of success and success, embodied in every nuance in work and life; take gratitude as the spiritual product we make, Think and act with a cherish, grateful, and dedicated mentality; treat integrity as an investment in the future and establish a integrity management system; commit to building a "chenglai" character and lay the foundation for "chenglai" sustainable management. "Let employees and the company make progress together", let the theme of upward and good culture become the conscious action of employees.


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