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Address: Zhenlai County, Jilin Province Industrial Zone, Happy East 1999

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Production Capacity

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1, Production line

The company has 8 production lines, namely smart manufacturing digitalized workshop control system, numerically-controlled cutting production line, corrugating production line, wholly-sealed production line of box welding, electrostatic spraying production line, silicon steel sheet digital cutting line, assembly line, and magnetic extrusion formation production line. It has over 300 production and detection devices of all sorts and is equipped with the terms for scaled production.

2, Production capacity

With the improved lean production, operation and management of UK Renoir Management Consultancy Company and Hong Kong Philip Crosby Management and Consultancy Company along with application of integrated technologies for smart manufacturing, the company has an annual production capacity of transformers tallying 25 million to 30 million kilovolt-amperes. It has 400 2.0MW cabin covers and is equipped with the competence to install, debug, run and detect power projects.

3, New product development and earning  

2.0 MW cabin cover is the newly-developed product. Highly-overloaded transformer and cold-resistant, both newly-developed products, have applied for 7 patents including 2 patents for invention. It has good marketing competitiveness. The highly-overloaded transformer realized an output of 8 million Yuan in 2016. After its scaled production in 2017, it can acquire a production scale of 5 million kilovolt-amperes (6000 machines) and an output around 70 million to 120 million Yuan.

4, The company’s industrial status, product, technology and marketing occupancy 

The company’s sales network covers all over the country such as State Grid Corporation of China, rural power grid, five major power generation groups, and local water and power. Some are exported to East Asia, Africa and Latin America. Its dominant products cover wind power generation and power transformation device 9ZGS11 series, YBF series) and wind power generation transformer that takes 7% of the whole marketing share. Three provinces in Northeast China accounted for 50% and Jilin can reach a ratio of 80%.

5.In 2016, with vigorous backup and coordination of peers in relevant department and with correct guidance of the company leaders, all staffs have accomplished their production task with their diligence and wisdom. It has realized an annual industrial output of 197 million Yuan and a sales income of 153 million Yuan, up by 20 million Yuan year on year. It acquired a total profit of 1.114 million Yuan and submitted a tax of 6.416 million Yuan. While guaranteeing marketing demands, we have been constantly widening our work mindset and have grabbed outstanding achievements in production and operation management and construction of spiritual civilization.

In 2017, we have attained the goal of 300 million Yuan, a total profit of 33 million Yuan and a tax sum of 15 million Yuan. We will still make constant endeavors to realize our goal and make the staunchest progress for listing of the company.