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Address: Zhenlai County, Jilin Province Industrial Zone, Happy East 1999

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About Us

Construction of corporate culture is consistent with the strategic goal and strategic development orientation. Its core value concepts help unify staffs’ behavioral norms so that the company can realize congruity and mutual win and realize people-centeredness. It can guide the whole company to center upon strategic goals and medium-term and long-term strategic planning for the purpose of realizing the company’s vision.


Manager Wang, general manager of Chenglai Electric, pays attention to corporate culture building. He is responsible for designing garden-like factory and modernized office environment. After over four decades of development, the company has its corporate culture gradually sedimented and enriched towards higher connotation and maturity. Its core value concept of ‘progress, benevolence and inauguration of future with good morality’ goes down with its staffs. It undertakes the mission of ‘providing good devices to the division department and creating balanced values to stakeholders’ and the vision of ‘becoming the first-rated supplier of power devices and making a noted brand of Chenglai’. The company as a whole is forming a good atmosphere of benevolence, unity, coordination and putting innovative development as its own mission.


Progress and benevolence requires that people in Chenglai pursue integrity and perfection when it comes to being a man, doing deeds and expanding the enterprise so that they can make stricter requirements with higher standards. By keeping in mind ‘responsibility, gratitude, integrity and quality’, it should take the sense of responsibility ast he groundwork for starting up its business, which can be embodied in all details of their job and life. We would take gratitude as the spiritual product and get engaged in reflections and action with cherish, gratitude and dedication. We should deem integrity as investment for the future and establish a system for honest management. We should hammer at forging characters of ‘Chenglai’ to root foundation for continued operation of ‘Chenglai’. We aim at ‘joint development’ of the staff and the company and turning the theme of progressive and benevolent culture to employees’ conscious action.