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Frequency Power

Industry news
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2018/01/31 10:54
The variable frequency power supply is a power supply that converts the alternating current in the commercial power through AC→DC→AC, and outputs the output as a pure sine wave with adjustable output frequency and voltage within a certain range. It is different from the variable frequency speed controller used for motor speed regulation, and also different from ordinary AC power supply. The ideal AC power supply is characterized by stable frequency, stable voltage, internal resistance equal to zero, and the voltage waveform is pure sine wave (no distortion); the variable frequency power supply is very close to the ideal AC power supply. Therefore, more and more advanced power supply will be used in advanced developed countries. It is used as a standard power supply to provide the best power supply environment for electrical appliances, and to objectively assess the technical performance of electrical appliances.
The variable frequency power supply is a high-performance precision power supply with IGBT inverter output technology and advanced microprocessor control. It has over-current, short-circuit, over-voltage, overload and other protection and alarm fault display functions to ensure the use of electrical equipment and frequency conversion. Power supply security. It has strong load adaptability, good output waveform quality, good man-machine interface, simple operation, small size and light weight. The pure sine wave output, variable frequency power supply with adjustable output voltage and frequency provides the required AC power for the electrical equipment.
The purpose and field of variable frequency power supply application:
Due to the inconsistency of grid indicators in various countries around the world, exporting electrical appliance manufacturers need power supply to simulate the grid status of different countries, providing engineers with pure and reliable applications in product development, production line testing and quality assurance product testing, life, and high voltage/low voltage simulation testing. , low harmonic distortion, high stability frequency and voltage regulation of sine wave power output; users of imported original electrical appliances and equipment also need to transform and frequency change the power grid to ensure the normal operation of imported electrical appliances and equipment; meet aviation electronics And the demand for military equipment.