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Transformer DC resistance tester manufacturer price test equipment overview


Transformer DC resistance tester manufacturer price test equipment overview

Industry news
Release time:
2019/06/15 22:24
Transformer DC resistance tester manufacturer price test equipment overview
Referred to as DC resistance measuring instrument, DC resistance meter, transformer DC resistance tester, DC resistance tester, DC digital bridge and so on.
Overview: The DC resistance test is an indispensable test item for the transformer after it has been handed over, overhauled and the tap changer has been changed. Under normal circumstances, measuring the DC windings of transformer windings and high-power inductive devices by conventional methods (bridge method and voltage drop method) is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. A DC resistance fast tester developed to change this situation, shorten the measurement time, and reduce the workload of testers. With high-speed microcontroller as the core, built-in rechargeable battery and charging circuit, high-speed A/D converter and programmable current source technology, it has achieved unprecedented measurement results and highly automated measurement functions. It has high precision, wide measuring range and stable data. It has good repeatability, strong anti-interference ability and perfect protection function. Features such as fast charge and discharge speed. The instrument. Small size, light weight and easy to carry. It has the characteristics of rapid measurement, convenient use and high measurement accuracy. The self-test and auto-calibration functions reduce the difficulty of instrument use and maintenance, and are ideal for measuring transformer windings and DC resistance of high-power inductive devices.
The DC resistance tester usually measures: 1A, 3A, 5A, 10A, 20A, 30A and other measurement gears. The instrument consists of two parts: constant current power supply and voltage signal detection. The five-digit LCD digital display. Adjustable output current file for direct resistance measurement of various small and medium-sized transformers
Transformer DC resistance tester manufacturer price test equipment product nickname:
DC resistance speed tester, DC resistance tester, transformer winding DC resistance tester, transformer direct resistance speed tester, transformer direct resistance fast tester
Since the output current range of the device is large, it is necessary to consider that the current selection should not exceed the tolerance range of the device under test. Excessive current will cause the resistance of the measured resistance to gradually change due to the current thermal effect.
The output current of the automatic current block is to use a larger current as much as possible, and it is possible to output various currents from 0 to the maximum value.
The two wires of the same test clamp are connected to the same color current and voltage terminals.
After each test is completed, wait for the discharge indication to end before removing the test line. The operator should pay attention to safety.
The memory can store up to 250 measurements, and the oldest record will be overwritten after more than 250 times.
If an abnormal situation occurs during the measurement, please press the reset button or shut down. If it cannot be restored, please do not disassemble it.
Technical indicators
1, the output current: 10A, 20A, 40A, 100A
2. Range: 10μΩ~100mΩ (100A)
       100μΩ~500mΩ (40A)
       200μΩ~1Ω (20A)
       500μΩ~2Ω (10A)
3. Accuracy: 0.2%
4, resolution: 0.1μΩ
5, working temperature: 0 ~ 40 ° C
6, ambient humidity: ≤90% RH, no condensation