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What are the causes of transformer leakage?


What are the causes of transformer leakage?

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2019/01/16 10:20
Leakage of transformers is a common problem in transformer faults. In particular, some transformers that have been in operation for a long time are more common. The appearance of light pollution equipment is beautiful, and the heavy equipment threatens the safe operation of equipment and even the life of personnel. Leakage of transformers includes air in and out ( Normally except for the air entering the dehumidifier) and oil leakage. So, what are the causes of transformer leakage? Today we explain in detail the causes of transformer leakage.
There are two main reasons for the leakage: on the one hand, it is latent in the transformer design and manufacturing process; on the other hand, it is caused by improper installation and maintenance of the transformer. The main leakage parts of the transformer often appear in radiator interfaces, flat disc valve hats, casings, porcelain bottles, welds, sand holes, flanges and other parts.