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High-voltage vacuum circuit breakers play an important role in the power grid


High-voltage vacuum circuit breakers play an important role in the power grid

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2018/01/31 11:16
High-voltage vacuum circuit breakers play an important role in the power grid. Different circuit breakers have different wiring methods. Common high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers used in power grids have three common wiring methods. Let's take a look at it with me.
There are three main types of high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers. They are widely used in other industries such as electronics. What kind of device is it? Xiao Bian pointed out that it is to convert some electrical equipment and line status to overhaul. status. Xiaobian pointed out that the three most commonly used wiring methods are us.
It should be understood that the front panel is inserted in the front panel and the drawer type. Specifically, how to access it? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.
After the board access, it has a remarkable feature, that is, it can be replaced or repaired. It is also an advantage. You don't need to wire again, saving a lot of things. However, due to the particularity of the product and the particularity of the structure, the mounting plate and the mounting screws are set as required at the time of shipment.
These are all dedicated and configured. We should know whether the large-capacity device is reliable. It is related to the normal use of the circuit breaker. Therefore, it needs to be taken into consideration before installation. The factory requirement is to comply with it. If you do, you can't make it wrong. It should be installed according to the needs and instructions of the manufacturer, so that it will be safer to use.
Let's take a look at the plug-in access. First place the mount. The upper connector has six sockets. The connector plate or the rear of the mount has a bolt mount. When in use, place the high voltage vacuum circuit breaker directly on the mount. If the device is damaged, how to solve it?
The method is actually very simple. As long as you pull out the bad ones, you can replace it with a good one, or replace it with a new one. It is more convenient to replace it, and it is also short in time. It is a hobby choice of the user.
There is also the last common drawer type access, which is counterclockwise when entering and exiting the drawer. Or, the rocker is clockwise, there is a secondary circuit on the main circuit, and the plug-in structure is used. The isolator has Omitted, the method of secondary use seems very economical. not only,
Operation and maintenance provide great convenience, high security, and increased reliability.
After reading the three wiring methods, I believe that you can understand through the above detailed introduction, which is more commonly used, plug-in access, post-board access, drawer access, so it is necessary to master their skills. However, it needs to be clear that theory and practice are different, in actual operation.
It is often more difficult, there are more places to pay attention to, and other problems may be encountered. If you get into some misunderstandings, you still need to pay more attention. If you practice a lot, you can make yourself perfect and avoid mistakes.